Daily Update

Daily Update Friday, May 17, 2024
Happy Birthday Today To:
Jerri Chaffin
Happy Birthday Saturday To:
Channing Risher
Happy Birthday Sunday To:
Phil Hall
Clara Wiles
Happy Anniversary Sunday To:
BJ & Caitlyn Matheney– 6 years
Neil & Kay Ranft– 51 years
 On Sunday, May 19, "Run for the Wall" will be occurring on Jefferson Avenue from 4:30-5pm. We advise allowing extra time to get to our PM service and using the back entrance (on Foutch Drive) to enter/exit the parking lot.
Please continue in your daily prayer:
Rejoicing with Gabe and Nate Kirby as they were baptized into Christ on Sunday. Let’s pray and lift these boys up as they begin their new walk with Christ.

Tatum Leddy, granddaughter of Steve Leddy, was released from the hospital yesterday. The doctors said her numbers, breathing, and eating look good!
Janie Pedigo Phillips requests our prayers. She has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Doctor’s appointments and surgery are planned. Keep her and the family in your prayers.
Pat Shinsky greatly appreciates prayers for her sister, Jan Shepherd, who is very ill.
Randy Hatmaker (friend of Billy Paul Hallcomb) has been diagnosed with leukemia and will be in the hospital for a while.
Prayers for Phyllis Hafling, aunt of Sondra Carmen, have been much appreciated! Phyllis passed on May 11 from her battle with cancer. Please continue to keep her very large family in your prayers.
On Sunday, May 19, for those attending the Prophets of Old class on Sunday morning, we’ll be discussing the books of Amos and Hosea.
Registration for Short Mountain Bible Camp (June 16-21) is open till May 22nd! We will have a table set up THIS SUNDAY with a notary and laptops to help you with registration and medical forms. Camp is for ages 7-18 and costs $210 per camper (campers receive a 50% discount if a parent is a staff member that week. Sign up through the Short Mountain Website using the UltraCamp platform here: https://www.shortmountainbiblecamp.com/register-for-camp. Here’s a 15 minute video sample of a camp registration using the new platform: https://vimeo.com/940003478

VBS: If you would like to volunteer for VBS- June 2-5 6:00-8:15, we could use your help. Please text Sarah Burns 256-443-6661. If you are helping, please consider dressing like an Egyptian or an Israelite to make this a memorable event for the kids.
VBS work days:
5/17—5:30-8 pm TODAY
5/18—8-11am, 3-5pm TOMORROW
5/19—2-5pm SUNDAY
5/31—5:30-8pm FRIDAY
6/1—all day until it's done!!!  See Sarah for details.
The Ashbys are moving! Carter and June will be moving to their new house in Cookeville TOMORROW, May 18. If you'll be around this weekend and are willing to help them move some stuff, they will start at 9am Saturday morning, at 373 South Walnut Avenue. If you have any questions, contact Carter at 931-308-4252.

Sunday, May 19—Senior Sunday
Sunday, May 19– College Age Lunch
Monday May 20– Wings and Wisdom
Friday, May 24– Kids Avenue End of the Year Skate Party @ Warrior Skating Rink from
Sunday, May 26—Youth PM Devotional
Monday, May 27—Youth Service Project—Memorial Day Refreshments
Wednesday, May 29—100% Youth Night
Sunday-Wednesday, June 2-5—V. B. S.  6-8:15 pm

Attendance— Class/AM/PM     Contribution Wednesday
5/5/24              206/383/203         $22,623            N/S
5/12/24             253/455/164           $21,836            209
Birthdays This Week:
Roger Buckner—May 12
Morris Mabry—May 12
Leah Milton— May 12
Lina Cupp—May 13
Parks Fowler—May 13
Andy Brewster—May 15
Mason Liner—May 15
Laura Taylor—May 16
Jerri Chaffin—May 17
Channing Risher—May 18
Anniversaries This Month:
Jace & Lindsay Medley—May 2—3 yrs.
Glenn & June Farris—May 3
Donald & Lucille Anderson—May 4—61 yrs.
Jim & Marian Dale—May 5—45 yrs.
Courtney & Lindsey Norton—May 5—12 yrs.
Mike & Sondra Carmen—May 14—19 yrs.
Ken & Fran Castleman—May 14—63 yrs.
Randy & Summer Brown—May 16—26 yrs.
BJ & Caitlyn Matheney—May 19—6 yrs.
Neil & Kay Ranft—May 19—51 yrs.
Mike & Kim Gaw —May 20—35 yrs.
B.J. & Kelly Sullivan—May 22—14 yrs.
Brendan & Vanessa Johnson —May 23—15 yrs.
David & Mary Cope—May 24
Freddie & Dorothy McClennon—May 24
Eldon & Carolyn Leslie—May 26
Tim & Dana Durm—May 26—11 yrs
Jeff & Jaclyn Gaw—May 31—21 yrs.